• TDK Varistor

    TDK Varistor

    ​10mm 625VAC High Current Cross to Epcos Advanced Series Varistor.

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  • Panasonic


    MYG10-621S5 Approved by Panasonic Varistor. At present, Kestar factory also has some other parts which are approved by Panasonic

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  • Type 2 Surge Arrestor

    Type 2 Surge Arrestor

    1. Integrated design, expedient installation and simple maintenance. Products are applicable for interface LPZ0B~LPZ2 (Lightning Protection Zones). 2....

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  • 15kA MOV

    15kA MOV

    1. Diameter 25mm, round shape 2. B type terminal, Flat 3. AC voltage 300Vac; 4. Varistor voltage 470V +/-10% 5. Peak Current: 15000A 6. CE, UL...

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  • VDE Approval Varistor

    VDE Approval Varistor

    Kestar factory has ISO9001:2008 certificate and ISO14001:2004 certificate. The products have UL, CSA, CE, VDE, CQC approval. All products are RoHS...

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  • Littelfuse PA

    Littelfuse PA

    1. Bakelite housing varistor; the inside varistor diameter is 20mm. 2. Cross to Littelfuse PA series 3. AC voltage 510Vac; 4. Varistor voltage 820V...

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  • EPCOS Varistor

    EPCOS Varistor

    ​MYE40-681 40ka 420VAC Equal to Epcos B40k385 Varistor 1. Housing varistor; The inside varistor diameter is 34mm square shape. 2. A type terminal, equal...

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    100ka 275VAC Cross to Epcos B80 Series Surge Arrester 1. Housing varistor; The inside varistor diameter is 80mm round shape. 2. D type terminal, for AC...

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  • Littelfuse


    1. Thermal cut-off  2. Diameter 20mm,  cross to LITTELFUSE's TMOV or iTMOV series 3. AC voltage 550Vac; 4. Varistor voltage 910V +/-10% 5. Peak Current:...

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  • BNC Signal SPD

    BNC Signal SPD

    1. KS-BNC series are designed for protection of coaxial systems, such as video surveillance systems, cable television systems, etc. 2. BNC interface 3....

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  • Varistor Disc

    Varistor Disc

    1. Bare disc with metalization electrode, diameter 32mm, round shape 2. AC voltage 440Vac; 3. Varistor voltage 710V +/-10% 4. Peak Current: 25000A 5....

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  • 40kA MOV

    40kA MOV

    1. Diameter 34mm, square shape 2. B type terminal, Flat 3. AC voltage 460Vac; 4. Varistor voltage 750V +/-10% 5. Peak Current: 40000A 6. CE, UL...

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